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Welcome to Galapagos and welcome aboard the M/S Encantada.

We are delighted to have the opportunity of hosting you. Our main and most important goal is to provide a safe, friendly, efficient and professional service that will make your naturalist cruise visit to Galapagos a very enjoyable, pleasant and memorable experience.

Naturalist Cruises M/S Encantada


Southern Loop

Itinerary A | 6 Days - 5 Nights

In our 6 Day-Cruise itinerary you will have the chance to discover all the wonders of Espanola Island. The Southern visitor site with unique ecosystem and endemic encounters.

Itineraries A

Northern Loop

Itinerary B | 5 Days - 4 Nights

In our 5 Day-Cruise itinerary will have the chance to discover all the wonders of Genovesa Island. The Northern visitor site with one of the most protected and pristine ecosystems.

Itineraries B

Western Loop

Itinerary C | 6 Days - 5 Nights

In our 6 Day-Cruise itinerary you will have the chance to discover all the wonders of Fernandina Island. The Western visitor site with unique ecosystem and endemic encounters.

Itineraries C

• Choose your favorite Cruise. Tours are either 5 days and 6 days also you can extend your trip by 8 days, 10 days or 15 days.


The M/S Encantada is a superior tourist class yacht, loved for her charming candy-apple red style and her small, cozy atmosphere. The boat offers 6 cabins with twin bunk beds to accommodate a total of 12 passengers. All cabins have air conditioning and private bathrooms with hot water.

This Naturalist Cruise is one of the options for visiting the islands where you'll have the chance to get further and visit every isolated point on the Archipelago.

Boat Specifications:

• Sailing boat

• Length: 23m (69 ft)

• Beam: 5.2m (17 ft)

• Capacity: 12 people + 5 crew + 1 Bilingual Naturalist Guide

• Engines: 1 Detroit Diesel

• Generator: 1 John Deere 60kw

• Boat speed: 7 knots

• Zodiac for disembarking

• Fresh water production

• Hot & fresh water shower

• Sun Deck

• Lounge & Dining room




Activities aboard:

On board of M/S Encantada you'll have the chance to take 5, 6, 10,11 or 15 day itineraries.    This depends on how much interest you have on the islands, you holiday season and of course no less important your budget.

The advantages of this option are multiple, for instance:

• You can choose and pick the area that interest the most.

• It is a small boat for families and groups with only few fellows

• You can also incorporate diving as an extension that can either be after or before your Galapagos Naturalist Cruise Tour.

During your stay on board you'll have the opportunity to visit different and totally wild areas of the islands.   Every day you discover escorted by your Naturalist Guide in short or longer hikes unique flora, fauna and history of Galapagos.   This is the only way to get really close from this spectacular wildlife.

Daily, as a second activity, snorkelling, swimming or just a dinghy ride will complete your adventure.

In some stops you could also ask for diving departures depending on boats itineraries and spaces available.

Encantada Itinerary

Our boat has a full 15-day itinerary cruising all around the Archipelago that can be split up in 5 or 6 days according to your requirements.

During any itinerarythe M/S Encantada will anchor at two visitor sites each day. You will be ferried to the islands in pangas (local name for dinghies). Landings may be "wet" or "dry" and once ashore your guide will lead you along marked trails explaining the natural history as you walk.

Then you have the chance to snorkel, swimming or just a ride around the rocks looking for Galapagos flora and fauna.

When and where

We depart from Baltra or Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island.   So ask about next day itinerary and departure.   Notice that itineraries are set by The Galapagos National Park and could be change or modified at the last moment without prior advice.

Set departures

Southern Loop          | A

This is a 6-day itinerary visiting the south part of Galapagos, as a highlight you'll be in Espanola the most pristine island southern-est.   Long beautiful white sand beaches full  with sea lions and nesting ares of bleu footed boobies, albatross, nazca boobies, hawks, marine iguanas and more.

Northern Loop          | B

The only 5 day itinerary possible with the M/S Encantada where the most incredible visit is the north part - Genovesa Island

Red footed boobies are stablished in the biggest nesting colony in the Galapagos where frigates and nazca boobies also do.

Set foot in Darwin Bay and explore El Barranco places with unique ecosystem and landscape

Western Loop           | C

This is a 6-day itinerary visiting the western part of Galapagos, as a highlight you'll be in Fernandina and western Isabela where black sandy  beaches will show you unbelievable nesting areas of huge marine iguanas, flightless cormorants, Galapagos penguins and of course sea lions and marine turtles in a unique hilly landscape result of this extremely volcanic place.

Please reconfirm your set departures when booking


Services on board:

Check in | Check OUT

Once you arrive in Galapagos, your guide will be waiting for you at Baltra Airport then a short transfer to the pier where our dinghy will bring you on board.

On your last day, please pack your bags and leave them in your cabin. Your crew will transport your baggage to the pier and your guide will drop you at the check-in line at the airport.


The cabins are cleaned every morning. We normally service all cabins while you are enjoying your outing, but if for some reason you decide to stay in your cabin, we will not disturb you.

Dining & Refreshements

Bar & drinks

Water, coffe and tea are complimentary. There is also a range of alcoholic beverages available. The barman will start a consumption card for you. Please feel free to ask any time for a drink at the bar and simply note your consumption on your card.

Ice is available from the machine at the bar. Please request ice from the barman.   NOTE: ice is made with 100% purified water

Water supply

The water from the taps on board is drinkable however we advise our guests only to drink water from the dispensers located in the communal areas.

We are self-supplied with water. Our two reverse osmosis desalination plants produce sufficient potable water for an ample daily consumption.

Snorkel gear & Wetsuit rental

Use of wetsuits and snorkeling equipment is not included in the package, you may rent them on board for a small fee. When renting a wetsuit and/or snorkeling equipment you will be provided with a bag containing the equipment with an identidy number attached.

Air Conditioning

All cabins and communal areas for passengers have air-conditioning (A/C). Please ensure that all windows and doors are shut before operating the A/C.

Electrical Current

All electrical outlets on board are 110V. Special outlets for 220V are available in some public areas and cabins. All outlets use the American two pin flat plug.

Beach Towels

Special colored beach towels will be provided for use on the deck and at the shore. Please do not take the cabin towels to the beach or to the sun deck.


The shower in your cabin is equipped with dual controls, for both hot and cold water. Since we convert salt water into fresh water onboard (desalination), water conservation is always a concern of us. Whenever possible, please save water.

Tipping & Gratuities

In Galapagos it is customary to leave a tip for the guide and crew separately. Tips are at the sole discretion of the passengers and should be based on the level of service received. If you wish to leave a tip you may give the tip directly to the relevant staff member. Alternatively, you can put cash in the envelopes marked "CREW" and "GUIDE" that will be left in your room on your day of your departure. Please give the envelopes to the captain on the day of your departure. All the money in the "CREW" envelope will be shared equally amongst the 10 crew members.

Here is a guideline based on past experience. If service has been excellent, the average tip has been US$ 20 per person per day for the entire ship's crew and US$ 15-20 per person per day for the guide.

Please understand that is just a suggestion: tipping and gratuities are a very personal matter and it entirely depends on the value of the service you receive.

Security & Permits

• 2 Liferaft and Survival equipment for 25 people

• Official Galapagos National Park Certification

• Third part insurance

Please check our suggested Naturalist Cruise itineraries that include as a minimum 5 or 6 days on board, bundled with land accommodation and diving departures to suit your preferences, budget, and interests.

For customised itineraries and packages for groups please inquire.

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